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Why is it recommended to use Mobile Crusher Plant for Construction Waste?

author:dahua1 time:2020-05-21

Mobile construction waste crusher is a production mode that uses mobile crushing station and mobile screening station to combine and deal with on-site treatment at the construction waste generation point. The construction waste processed has a relatively single component, which is suitable for waste concrete, waste bricks and road asphalt construction waste such as concrete waste. The advantage of this treatment method is that it can be targeted to the nearest treatment, because the construction wastes generation points are not scattered and concentrated, and the amount of production is not large. Follow up the demolition progress at any time to break in time, effectively alleviating secondary pollution and unnecessary transportation costs caused by construction waste transfer.

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Use of construction waste

1. Among them, bricks and tiles can be sieved and layered to be used as recycled aggregate to prepare low-grade recycled aggregate concrete, which is used for foundation reinforcement, road engineering cushions, hollow bricks, breathable bricks, etc.;

2. In addition to being reusable for formwork or construction materials, other waste wood can be crushed into debris for use as papermaking raw materials or fuel;

3. Waste steel bars, nails, screws, etc. can be sorted out and sent back to the steel mill for refining.

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Why is it recommended to use mobile crusher for construction waste?

Because construction waste is widely distributed, and most of it is located in cities or suburbs, the operation site needs to be replaced frequently, so it is more suitable to use mobile treatment method-mobile crushing station.

1. The tire or crawler drive mode is highly mobile and flexible. It can be replaced at any time in the operation area, and it can be moved to different construction waste crushing factories to save the transportation cost of materials and the cost of infrastructure relocation;

2. The integrated operation mode not only occupies a small area, but also is very convenient for transfer and transfer. The factory can be converted at any time, and high-efficiency crushing operation processing can be achieved;

3. The dual power mode is used together, and the mains can be directly connected to the power supply under the condition of electricity supply, and a full set of diesel generator sets are equipped under the condition of no electricity to ensure sufficient power and smooth and efficient operation;

4. The whole machine is equipped with a noise reduction and noise reduction device. No matter what working environment it is in, the noise generated is very small and does not interfere with surrounding things. Spraying and dust removal devices are also used during operation, and the environmental protection effect is very good.

5. The operation is simple, the installation is convenient, the supporting equipment is complete, the installation is fast, and the operation can be started when the power is turned on, the operation control is simple, and the operation control can be integrated in a single section, or can be interlocked in multiple sections.

6. The mobile crushing and screening station can be adjusted from the transport state to the working state in a short time. It can quickly establish a temporary and periodic crushing production line, and can be quickly transferred, that is, put into use immediately, avoiding the cumbersome preliminary planning and the investment in the construction cycle will fully increase the utilization rate of the equipment.