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Why is there Knocking Sound inside the Impact Crusher?

author:dahua time:2018-01-23

The impact crusher is used for the coarse, medium and fine crushing work of various kinds of ores and rocks (such as granite, marble, and limestone) with the compressive pressure less than 350MPa. During daily operation, there will appear knocking sound inside the machine. This is caused by the improper operation. Now, Luoyang Dahua will tell you how to avoid this phenomenon appeared.


1. The non-crushed materials enter into the machine.


2. The fastening of linear plate is loose, and the hammer strikes on the liner plate.


3. The plate hammer or the other spare parts are broken.


4. Stop and clean the crushing cavity.


5. Check the fastening situation of the liner plate and the clearance between the hammer and plate.


6. Replace the broken parts.