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Why to limit the Content of Needle-like Aggregates?

author:dahua time:2018-06-07

Why to limit the content of needle-like aggregates? What is the most ideal concrete mixing material? Today, we will talk about the needle-like aggregates.


Needle-like is the stone with long and flat shape. To reduce the proportion of needle like gravel can improve the intensity, workability, and mobility of construction concrete, in addition, the compressive strength of needle-like gravel is poor.


The content of needle-like particles may influence the concrete workability. With a large number of needle-like particles, more water is needed to obtain the same workability, which will reduce the strength of concrete, especially the flexural strength. The durability of concrete is also affected. Therefore, it is necessary to limit the content of needle-like particles, control the proportion, not more than 15%.


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