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Advantages and Price of 600*900 Jaw Crusher

author:dahua2 time:2021-11-22

The size of the 600*900 jaw crusher feed inlet is 600*900mm. Under normal circumstances, the feed cannot exceed this size, otherwise it will cause slow production or blockage. The production capacity is 50-160t/h, which is a relatively common type of coarse and medium crushing equipment. Its eccentric shaft rotates at 250r per second, with good efficiency and high output. It uses a motor power of 6p 55kw, a total weight of 17 tons, a length of 2190mm, a width of 2206mm, and a height of 2300mm.

 600*900 JAW CRUSHER

The 600*900 jaw crusher is ideal equipment for small and medium-sized crushing production lines. It has the following advantages:

a. Small size and low energy consumption: The equipment covers an area of less than 42, which reduces the space for users. The equipment motor is ---motor, which consumes little energy, ---;

b. Large crushing ratio: The use of deep cavity crushing without dead zone improves the feeding capacity and output. The crushing ratio is large and the finished product has a uniform particle size;

c. Wedge type discharge and high-strength liner: The use of wedges to adjust the discharge port reduces labor intensity and downtime. The liner is made of high-strength material---manganese steel, which deforms when the machine is overloaded to protect it from damage.

According to the current market equipment usage, it is divided into two types: ordinary 600*900 jaw crusher and mobile jaw crusher. The price of these two types of equipment is very large, and the fixed type can be purchased starting from $12,000; and the mobile jaw crusher can be purchased starting from $30,000.

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