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Advantages of 150t/h Construction Waste Wheeled Mobile Crushing Station

author:dahua2 time:2022-02-16

150t/h Mobile wheeled crushing station is equipped with mobile jaw crusher and impact crusher. Output size: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-25mm. The mobile crushing station can not only be used independently, but also can provide more flexible machine process configuration according to the different requirements of customers, so as to meet the various requirements of users for mobile crushing and mobile screening, making material transfer more direct and effective, and can reduce the cost.

mobile crushing plant

The main advantages of construction waste wheeled mobile crusher station are:

1. Strong mobility: using an independent movable chassis, the whole machine is short in length, short in wheelbase, and small in turning radius, so that the machine can flexibly drive and turn in the work area or on the road.

2. The flexible combination: it integrates feeding, conveying, crushing and other integrated equipment. It can be equipped with different crushing equipment according to the processing needs of customers, and combined with customer needs The process of "post-shredding", the combination is flexible and the style is changeable.

It can not only eliminate the complicated operation of component installation, but also reduce the consumption of materials and man-hours. The reasonable and compact space layout of the machine does not occupy the site, and also improves the flexibility of site stationing.

3. Strong adaptability: The reasonable and compact space layout of the machine does not occupy the site, improves the flexibility of site stationing, and can cope with various discomfort and harsh working conditions.

4. Low cost of material transportation: The mobile crusher can directly process materials on-site. The advantage of this is that the transportation cost of materials is greatly reduced.

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