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Advantages of Compound Crusher Sand Making Machine

author:dahua time:2020-08-12

The compound crusher sand making machine is a kind of adjustable fine crushing equipment without sieve bar. It can be widely used for the crushing of raw materials and clinker in cement plant, especially suitable for hard limestone, dolomite, granite, basalt and other artificial sand or highway pavement stone processing.

compound crusher sand making

During the operation of the compound crusher sand making machine, the bulk ore falls into the upper swing plate in the upper crushing chamber from the feed hopper, and the material is thrown to the inner wall of the barrel by the centrifugal force of the swing plate, and violently collides with the impact plate installed on the inner wall. At the same time, the materials collide with each other, so that it is broken or produced a large number of crack, and then the materials into the cone rotor cavity, falling spirally in a conical space, the cracked ore is further crushed by stamping and extrusion.

vertical compound sand making machine

Advantages of compound crusher sand making machine

1. The compound crusher sand making machine has high sand forming rate, energy saving, fine grinding and coarse grinding functions.

2. The output particle size of the compound sand making machine is adjustable, the particle is uniform and polygonal.

3. The forged and wear-resistant alloy hammer head is suitable for crushing medium hard and brittle materials with long service life.

4. The compound crusher sand making machine has large crushing ratio, and the output particle size can be arbitrarily adjusted, not affected by the wear of the plate hammer, and liner.

5. The compound crusher sand making machine has no sieve bar, and it is not easy to be blocked when crushing materials with high moisture content and mud content, with water content up to about 15%.

compound crusher machine

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