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Advantages of Mobile Crushing Station Compared to Fixed Crushing Plant

author:dahua2 time:2022-07-12

1. Mobile crusher plant can be moved between various sites, and the production line can be opened wherever the material is, which is very convenient and fast. In contrast to the fixed crushing production line, when the production line is far away from the material pile, it is necessary to use a transport vehicle to add materials, which increases the cost of transporting materials compared to mobile crushing.

2. Mobile crusher plant occupies a small area, and the turning radius is small during the moving process, and the requirements for the site are not high, which ensures the continuity of the mine production to a certain extent. Fixed crushing production lines often require a large flat site for crushing work, occupying a large area, which increases the input cost to a certain extent.

mobile crushing plant

3. Integrated whole set of unit, intelligent production, reduce labor cost. The stationary crushing production line requires manual supervision and operation due to the coordination between various equipment.

4. The flexibility is stronger, and the production line can be customized according to the requirements of the required finished materials. Not only can it be produced by a single machine, but it can also cooperate with multiple machines. Compared with a fixed crushing production line, it is more flexible and changeable in production methods.

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