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How to increase the output of sand making machine

author:dahua2 time:2022-07-11

In the production of artificial sand, the output of artificial sand is related to many factors. For example: the hardness of the material, the humidity, the fineness of the finished sand, the maintenance and quality of the equipment itself, etc.

sand making machine

1. The different fineness of finished sand

The higher the fineness requirement, that is, the finer the material required for sand making, the smaller the sand making capacity. Generally, it depends on the fineness requirements of the concentrator. If there are no special requirements, the fineness of the material can generally be set to medium fine. Different types of sand making machines have different sand production and energy consumption during operation. Users need to buy a suitable type of sand making machine, otherwise it will affect the output of the equipment and the production may cost more.

2. Whether the operation is standardized

The standard operation and regular maintenance of the sand making machine will also affect the sand output of the equipment. If a sand making machine is operated irregularly and does not do regular maintenance, it will cause the wearing parts of the equipment to wear faster, greatly reduce the life of the equipment, and the production volume per unit time will be small.

3. The quality of the sand making machine itself

A high-quality sand making machine is not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also can easily achieve the expected output of the equipment. Not only that, high-quality equipment manufacturers choose new high-wear-resistant materials during production, and use relatively advanced production technology to produce products. The equipment can well meet the production needs of users, and provide a more favorable guarantee for continuous, high-efficiency and safe production. Whether the plan design of the sand making production line is appropriate and the output is related to all the equipment of the whole production line. For example, if your output requires 500t/h, then you cannot only require the sand making machine to reach 500t/h, and the front jaw crusher and cone crusher The processing capacity of the belt conveyor, etc. should also be matched with it, otherwise the output will definitely not be achieved.

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