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Application of Jaw Crusher in Steel Slag Crushing Line

author:dahua time:2019-05-20

As we all know, in the steel slag crushing production line, each kind of equipment plays its own role, we need to cooperate with each other to achieve the best production effect. Among them, jaw crusher plays an important role in steel slag treatment production line.

Here, we mainly introduce the PEY series hydraulic protective jaw crusher developed by Luoyang Dahua. This jaw crusher belongs to single cylinder hydraulic compound jaw crusher and can be used for primary and medium crushing of steel slag. It has the following features:

steel slag crusher

1. It can be used for selective crushing of materials with different compressive strength.

2. Reliable protection and automatic discharge of non-breakable materials can effectively solve the "steel block" problem in steel slag crushing line. 

3. Automatic reset after iron discharging, which can realize continuous production without stopping. 

4. The single hydraulic cylinder supported by the hydraulic station can not only adjust the size of the discharge port, but also discharge non-breakable materials.

5. The device is equipped with position sensor, which can accurately display the discharge size and so on.

This equipment is used in the steel slag treatment production line, which can obviously improve the production efficiency and achieve good production results. The equipment produced by our company has been widely used in Wuxi steel plant, Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., ltd. and other more than 100 steel slag treatment plants, and exported to Pakistan, Malaysia and other countries.