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Attentions In The Use Of Multi-Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

author:dahua2 time:2022-09-27

Hydraulic cone crusher is the key equipment for fine crushing operation in large and medium-sized mine dressing plants. It has the characteristics of high production capacity, small product size, stable operation and reliable performance, and is widely used in fine crushing operations.Attentions in the use of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher are as follows:
1. The feeding size is not allowed to exceed the maximum feeding size
Excessive feeding particle size will cause the material to slip in the crushing cavity, which will seriously affect the crushing process and greatly reduce the output capacity. At the same time, if the feeding particle size is too large, it will have a greater impact on the crusher, affecting the normal use of the equipment, and even causing the main engine shutdown.
2. The discharge opening is not allowed to be smaller than the minimum discharge opening size of the corresponding cavity type
If the discharge port is too small, the load current will be high, which will cause damage to the equipment, such as the burning of the copper sleeve, the premature damage of the parts, and in serious cases, the cone crusher will be shut down directly.
3. The feeding should fill the cavity and evenly
Uneven feeding or inability to fill the cavity will cause large fluctuations in the load current of the main engine, reduce the output capacity, uneven wear of the liner, and shortened service life of parts.
Use Of Multi-Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher
4. The operating load is generally 75%~90%
According to the material crushing situation, the general host load is controlled at 75%~90%, preferably not more than 90%. If the load is too low, the lamination crushing cannot be realized, and the equipment cannot exert its superior performance; if the load is too high, a large load will be generated on the copper sleeve of the host, which will shorten the life of parts such as the copper sleeve.
5.Strictly control the moisture content of raw material
When crushing viscous materials, it is easy to cause the crushed materials to be difficult to be discharged from the crushing cavity, and the load current of the main engine increases, resulting in shutdown. Therefore, when crushing viscous materials, the moisture content must be controlled, generally not exceeding 5%.
6.Avoid jumping of the support sleeve
Jumping of the support sleeve will damage the copper seat liner and also damage the main frame to varying degrees. The main reasons for the beating of the support sleeve are: ①The pressure of the safety cylinder is too low; ②The feeding is uneven, there is more material on one side, and less material on the other side, and the load is uneven; ③The feeding volume is too large, the load is increased, and the normal crushing of the material is affected. ④The discharge port is too small and the load increases.
7. Control the temperature of lubricating oil
The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has large eccentricity, high power and large heat generation, so the viscosity of lubricating oil is a main indicator to ensure the lubrication effect. The cooler in the lubrication system can reduce the lubricating oil to a suitable temperature, so that the lubricating oil has a good lubricating and cooling effect.
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