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Comparison of Crusher Advantage

author:dahua time:2018-09-14

In this text, the experts from Luoyang Dahua will taik about the advantages of different crusher machine.

Jaw crusher

Advantages: Simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, stable running, wide application.

Cone crusher

Advantages: Large production capacity, low power consumption per unit, stable operation, suitable for crushing of flake materials, and the granularity of finished products are uniform.

Impact crusher

Advantages: No significant vibration during working process, no need of heavy foundation, high crushing efficiency, large production capacity, low power consumption, low abrasion, uniform particle size and in cubic shape. Large crushing ratio, normally is around 40, up to 150.

Hammer crusher

Advantages: Large production capacity, high crushing ration, simple and compact structure, low investment and easy operation.

Roll crusher

Advantages: Simple structure, small size, compact and portable, easy adjustment, can be used for the grinding of wet materials.


Jaw Crusher 

jaw crusher


Cone Crusher

cone crusher


Impact Crusher

impact crusher


Hammer Crusher

hammer crusher


Roll Crusher

roll crusher