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Factors affecting the Screening Efficiency of Vibrating Screen (II)

author:dahua time:2020-11-04

In the last article, we discussed the influence factor of low screening efficiency of vibrating screen - the nature of materials. Are there any other factors that will affect the screening efficiency of vibrating screen? The answer is yes, the properties of the sieve surface will also affect its screening efficiency.

vibrating screen

2. Properties of sieve surface

(1) Opening rate. The ratio of screen hole area to screen surface area of vibrating screen is called opening rate. The screen surface with large hole rate has high screening efficiency and large production capacity, but the screen surface has low strength and short life.

(2) Mesh shape. The material passing capacity varies greatly depending on the mesh shape. In the selection of vibrating screen pass type, should be suitable for the material particle shape.

(3) Screen size. When the length-width ratio of the screen is too large, the screening efficiency will be reduced. The ratio of length to width of the vibrating screen should be within the appropriate range, generally is 2.5 ~ 3.

(4) Screen surface inclination Angle. Tilt Angle is too small, low production capacity; Tilt Angle is too large, low screening efficiency. The tilt Angle of the vibrating screen is generally 0° ~ 25°, and that of the fixed screen is generally 40° ~ 45°.

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