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General Introduction about the Selection of Impact Crusher

author:dahua time:2018-06-20

Impact crusher is used for the fine crushing in the secondary crushing stage. How to choose the proper impact crusher? Today, we will give you the general introduction about the selection of impact crusher.


1. Site condition: Firstly it is necessary to know the size of site planning, the requirement for the machine size and the desired production capacity, so you can choose the suitable crusher type. In addition, if the site is small and the material accumulation is relatively scattered, or is likely to change the working site, it is recommended to choose mobile crushing plant.


2. Output: Output is also an important index of crushing machine. The higher the output required, the bigger the size of crusher machine. So we recommend the customer to choose the machine according to itself production requirement and the planning of configuration of production line.


3. Feeding and discharging granularity: Feeding and discharging granularity is used to determine the type and crushing level of required crushing equipment. Different crusher has different granularity, so the customer must read the parameter list carefully to choose the proper crusher.


Above is the general introduction about the type selection of impact crusher, for more information, please contact online service or [email protected]