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Hammer Crusher VS Impact Crusher ,Which Crusher is Better for Secondary Crushing?

author:dahua2 time:2022-09-07

The impact crusher goes through the process of 2-3 times of impacting and shaping. The product has a good grain shape, which grain shape is rounder than the hammer crusher, and the crushing ratio is relatively large, generally 10-25, and the highest can reach 50. It is usually used for performing secondary shaping, but the powder content of the product is high because of the high number of blows. The hammer crusher has a uniform particle size, and the discharge material is in the shape of a cube, and the content of fine powder and dust is low.

Although the content of stone powder produced by impact crusher is high, it does not affect its status in the sand and gravel industry!

secondary impact crusher

1. Stone crushing efficiency is higher than hammer crusher

The impact crusher uses the inertia of the entire rotor to impact and break the material against the trend (free crushing + counterattack crushing + milling crushing). The hammer head hits the material alone and crushes the material (free crushing + counterattack crushing), the impact force on the material is small, and the crushing effect is small.

2. Applicable materials are more than hammer crusher

There are grate bars at the bottom of the hammer, which is prone to adhesion and blockage for materials with a large water content. Hammer crushing can only crush materials with low humidity. There is no grate at the bottom of the impact crusher, and it is equipped with a heating device to prevent the material from sticking, so it can crush materials with a large water content, and it is not easy to block.

3. The particle size adjustment is simple and more convenient for hammer crusher

The impact crusher can adjust the discharge in various ways, while the hammer crusher can only be adjusted by replacing the sieve plate.

So in general, it is recommended that you choose the impact crusher as the secondary crusher. If you are worried about the high content of stone powder, you can use it with additional dust removal equipment, or add a closed cover, and you can also feed the material into the impact crusher. Add a small amount of water before the mouth to wet the material or directly add a dedusting humidifier to work together.

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