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How Does Cone Crusher Work

author:dahua2 time:2023-06-01

A cone crusher machine is generally used in the second and third stages of the crushing flow process to deal with the materials after jaw crusher or impact crusher. Because the material after jaw crushing and gyration crushing processing has been basically limited in the size of the eating inch, there will not be too much super diameter material. Single-cylinder type is suitable for secondary crushing, multi-cylinder is suitable for fine crushing. 
When cone stone crusher works, the motor through the transmission device to drive eccentric sleeve rotation, moving cone in the eccentric sleeve will be forced to do rotation swing, moving cone close to the static cone section is broken cavity, the material will be affected by the dynamic cone and static cone of multiple extrusion and impact and broken. When the moving cone leaves the section, the part that has been broken to the required particle size of the material that falls under the action of its own gravity, discharged from the bottom of the cone.
cone crusher working principle
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