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How Many Types of Stone Crusher Machines?

author:dahua2 time:2021-09-28

At present, the most commonly used stone crushers machines on the market can be roughly divided into two categories: fixed and mobile type.

1. Fixed stone crusher machine

Jaw crusher: Jaw crusher is a commonly used rough crushing equipment, which adopts the principle of squeeze crushing, and is often used for crushing materials with compressive strength not greater than 320Mpa. The crushing is relatively large, there is no dead corner in the crushing cavity, and material blocking is not easy to occur. With the flywheel design, the equipment runs more smoothly.

Common models of jaw crushers are PE400×600, with an hourly output of 16-64t; PE500×750, with an hourly output of 40-110t; PE600×900, with an hourly output of 50-160t; PEX-300×1300, with an hourly output of 16-105t.

jaw crusher machine

Impact crusher: Impact crusher is usually used for secondary crushing. It is more suitable for processing wet and soft materials with compressive strength not greater than 350Mpa and particle size below 500mm. The output particle size is usually below 60mm. The counter-attack crushing is a percussive crushing equipment. The finished product is cubic, without tension and cracks, and the grain shape is quite good. The stone crushing line generally chooses it for shaping. Its structure is simple and it is easier to repair than cone crushers.

Common models of impact crusher are PF1210, with an hourly output of 70-130 t; PF1214, with an hourly output of 80-180t; PF1315, with an hourly output of 100-280t; PF1520, with an hourly output of 200-550t.

impact crusher

Hammer crusher: Although the hammer crusher is also an impact crushing equipment, its output particle type is not as good as impact crusher. It is suitable for crushing medium hardness and brittle materials in mining, building materials, highways and other industries. Hammer crusher can realize one-time crushing and forming, effectively reducing investment costs. There is a grate design inside, which can control the particle size by itself, and it is not good for the treatment of wet materials.

The capacity of Hammer crusher is relatively small, and the capacity is generally between 3-55t/h. Commonly used models are PCΦ400×300, PCΦ600×400, PCΦ800×600, PCΦ1000×800. The model naming takes PCΦ400×300 as an example, P-break, C-hammer, diameter 400mm, rotor length 300mm.

 hammer crusher

2.Mobile crushers

Compared with the fixed type, the mobile crusher has the more prominent advantage that it is convenient to move, can easily be broken and walked, and has the characteristics of fast investment and fast return.

mobile crusher

According to the different ways of movement, it can be divided into two types: tire-type mobile crusher and crawler-type mobile crusher. When the tire-type mobile crusher moves, the front of the car needs to be pulled and moved; many users often say that a bridge refers to tires, and usually a bridge is a tire. , The more bridges, the more tires, and the greater the load; the crawler-type mobile crusher can move freely without frontal traction, and is equipped with a remote control device, which can realize automatic production, and there is no pressure on climbing and mountain operations. A crawler mobile crushing station usually requires three equipment to form a complete production line.

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