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How to Choose the Right Ore Ball Mill

author:dahua2 time:2021-12-24

Ore ball mill plays a crucial role in mineral processing equipment, choose a right ore ball mill can get twice the result with half the effort, blind choice will appear a lot of unnecessary waste, trouble and so on. Here I will introduce you to 5 aspects that you should pay attention to when choosing the ore ball mill.

Ore ball mill

1. We must first have a detailed understanding of the hardness of minerals and the requirements for the fineness of minerals.

2. How many tons per hour is the output of the beneficiation ball mill?

3. Communicate with the manufacturer's technicians, and select the aperture and position of the sub-storage of the closed board according to the requirements of output fineness.

4. Select the modulus of the large and small teeth of the ball mill, as well as the manufacturer of the motor and the number reduction machine.

5. According to the price of the ore ball mill, the material of the liner and the thickness of the steel plate of the mill body.

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