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How to Configure 100TPH Limestone Crushing Plant

author:dahua2 time:2021-12-06

The 100TPH limestone crushing plant can be configured with more equipment to choose from and a variety of combination methods, Therefore, there are more solutions, which can be suitable for a variety of customers needs:

limestone crushing plant

Option 1: Simple configuration production line

The simpler solution of 100tph limestone crushing production line is equipped with jaw crusher + sand making machine. The relatively simple limestone crushing production line with an output of 100 tons per hour is equipped with a jaw crusher + a sand making machine. The production line has a small area and has the functions of crushing and sand making. The quality of the materials produced can also meet the market demand. This configuration is suitable for raw materials with smaller size.

Option 2: Standard production line

The standard configuration process of 100 tons/hour limestone crushing production line is jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, sand washing machine and some auxiliary equipment (feeder, vibrating screen, belt conveyor), etc., which can be realized For coarse, fine crushing, sand making, sand washing, etc. Materials of 1200mm can be crushed, and the finished-product quality is good, and equipment can be added or reduced according to their own needs. Generally, gravel plant will choose this configuration solution.

Option 3: High-end production line

The equipment required for the high-quality 100 tons/hour limestone crushing production line can be adjusted according to its own needs. It can add several impact crushers to the standard configuration for medium and fine crushing. The crushing production line will be better regardless of its efficiency or the size of the discharged material. The price of the finished product will be higher than the price of ordinary sand and gravel, and it is generally suitable for customers with larger sites or sufficient funds.

Option 4: Mobile crushing production line

The mobile limestone crushing production line with an output of 100 tons per hour is relatively simple to configure. It only needs a mobile crushing station. It itself integrates feeding, crushing, conveying, power, walking, and hydraulic pressure, and can form a production line by itself. , And there is a remote control system, one button can realize the operation and stop of the entire production line, the operation is relatively simple, which can save a lot of costs.

If you want to know more about the configuration solutions of the limestone crushing production line with an hourly output of 100 tons, contact us and our engineer will tailor the production line solution for you.

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