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The Equipment Configuration of Limestone Crushing Production Line

author:dahua2 time:2021-12-03

The limestone crushing production line is that performs coarse and fine crushing of the mined limestone to make the particle size reach the target specification. After being crushed and processed, limestone is generally used as a raw material for building materials and industries. Its application value is high, and its profit is very objective.

According to different material properties and production requirements, the limestone crushing production line has different configuration schemes.

 limstone crushing plant

Solution 1. Limestone has high calcium content (small hardness and easy to be broken). It can be crushed in one step by using a (heavy) hammer crusher. The investment is small and the recovery rate is high. The specific equipment configuration is:

Vibrating feeder + (heavy) hammer crusher + circular vibrating screen + belt conveyor.

Solution 2. If the raw material of limestone is too large, use a jaw crusher for pre-crushing, and a hammer crusher or impact crusher for secondary crushing. The specific equipment configuration is:

Vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + hammer or impact crusher + circular vibrating screen + several conveyors.

Solution 3. Limestone has a large silicon content and is harder, so choose jaw crusher and vertical shaft impact crusher. The specific equipment configuration is:

Vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + vertical shaft impact crusher+ circular vibrating screen + several conveyors.

The above is the limestone crushing configuration schemes, which is configured in combination with the properties of the limestone material. Of course, there are various equipment configuration schemes for crushing limestone, such as: jaw crusher + cone crusher (large investment and high production cost), etc.

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