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How to Configure the Crushed Stone Production Line?

author:dahua2 time:2021-10-15

The crushed stone production line is generally used for the crushing and processing of stones. Granite, pebbles, quartz stone, basalt stones, etc. can be crushed and processed. The gravel production line has a clear division of labor and simple operation. How to configure a complete stone crushing plant?

A complete crushed stone production line is mainly composed of crushing system, screening system, sand making system, sand washing system and dust removal system. The specific equipment configuration is mainly based on material characteristics, site conditions and finished material requirements.

stone crushing plant machine

First of all, you need to consider the type and hardness of the stone. Whether it is granite, river pebble or limestone, generally speaking, the stone with higher hardness needs jaw crusher, cone crusher and sand making machine. If it is soft and brittle stone, jaw crusher , impact crusher and sand making machine are used.

Secondly, consider the applicability and crushing ratio of the crusher. The jaw crusher adopts the principle of squeeze crushing, which has the characteristics of large crushing rate and more material, and is usually suitable for coarse crushing equipment; cone crushers, impact crushers and hammer crushers have better product grain shapes, so usually Medium and fine crushing equipment; impact crusher and hammer crusher are suitable for processing stones with medium hardness and below, while cone crusher is suitable for processing stones with medium hardness and above.

Finally, consider the output of the crushed stone production line. The equipment type and model of the crushed stone production line are not randomly matched. It is necessary to configure the appropriate type of crushing, sand making and screening equipment according to the hardness, water content and processing capacity of the processed raw materials, which requires better matching between the equipment.

 stone crushing line

The above introduces the commonly used equipment of the crushed stone production line. Because the production performance of different equipment is different, it is recommended that the user consult the manufacturer when choosing, and the manufacturer will configure the appropriate sand making equipment, which can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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