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Why do Large-scale Sand Production Plant use Impact Crusher?

author:dahua2 time:2021-10-14

Anyone who has visited the sand and gravel production plant will have such a question. Why do sand and gravel production, especially the main stone production line finally use the impact crusher for crushing stone? Why not use a hammer crusher?

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First of all, the structure of the impact crusher is special. In addition to the impact of the hammer directly with the material, there is also a throwing material to the impact liner, so that the material hits the impact liner to be broken. This is also a " The crushing principle of "stone hitting iron". The crushing process of "stone hitting iron" is the use of impact crusher, so that the finished material after crushing is closer to a round and variable cube, and the crushed stone is more beautiful and has a more uniform grain shape.

So just because the crushed material is of uniform grain size and beautiful stones, will the sand and gravel production plant use the impact crusher for crushing stone? This is just one aspect. In fact, the impact crusher is used because its wearing parts are more durable and the production cost is lower.

The wearing parts of the impact crusher are small, and the metal utilization rate of the wearing parts is high. The crushing principle of impact crusher determines that the wearing parts of impact crusher have a longer service life, and the impact crusher breakage parts can be turned around. The metal utilization rate of the impact crusher's plate hammer can be as high as 45%-50%.The impact is more durable, and its production cost will be greatly reduced in the long run.

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