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How to choose Cone Crusher Model?

author:dahua2 time:2023-01-30

Cone crusher is an advanced crusher with high power and high productivity. It has a wide range of applications in crushing hard rock and ore, it should be noted that the materials with Mohs hardness > 8,  is not suitable for cone crusher. How to choose the type of cone crusher for their own use?
When choosing the type of cone crusher equipment, the key is to choose the right type. Because each model applies a different range of materials, users have different requirements for product granularity.
cone crusher machine
1. According to the nature of the material
The nature of the material is a key factor affecting the production efficiency and output of the cone crusher. Therefore, before choosing a cone crusher, users must have a detailed understanding of the humidity, hardness, physical and chemical properties and other factors of the crushed material.
2. According to the granularity requirements
Since each user has different requirements for product granularity, the selection of equipment model will also be affected by it. If the user wants finer particle size material, you can choose short head cone crusher. If the user wants coarse particle size material, you can choose standard type or medium cone crusher. In short, users must have a clear understanding of the granularity of the product they want to achieve.
3. According to the production status
Because the price of each type of cone crusher is different, there are also differences in the financial status of each manufacturer. Therefore, users must consider their own production status when buying cone crusher, whether they can afford it, and try to choose direct crusher manufacturers so as to reduce procurement costs.
stone cone crusher
Luoyang Dahua has GPY-S cone crusher, GPY cone crusher, and HPY cone crusher.
The GPY-S cone crusher is used for medium crushing. After jaw crusher.
The GPY cone crusher belongs to fine crushing equipment and can be used after impact crusher.
The finished products size of HPY multi-cylinder cone crusher is better than the GPY single cylinder cone crusher, and the proportion of finished products is higher 5%-10%.
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