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How to choose a secondary crusher?

author:dahua2 time:2022-04-07

How to choose the secondary crusher in the sand and gravel aggregate crushing production line? The following three aspects will be compared and analyzed, as follows:

First of all, in terms of the hardness of the material to be broken, the impact crusher is generally used to crush materials with lower hardness, such as limestone, etc., while cone crusher is mostly used to crush materials with higher hardness, such as granite, basalt and river pebbles, etc., and can crush the stones to the desired effect, so in terms of the scope of use and crushing effect, it is more advantageous to use cone crusher as the secondary crushing equipment of the stone production line.

secondary impact crusher

Secondly, in terms of the finished product discharge particle size, although the discharge particle shape of cone crusher is not as good as that of the impact crusher, on the whole, the crushing particle size of cone crusher is finer than that of the impact crusher, so there are requirements for fineness. customers, it is recommended to choose cone crusher.

secondary cone crusher

Finally, from the perspective of market price positioning, the price of cone crusher is more expensive than that of impact crusher, but during the working process of cone crusher, it is not difficult to crush hard materials, and the life of wearing parts is long, which avoids frequent replacement. The trouble of wearing parts, so in the long run, cone crusher is more cost-effective than the impact crusher.

Note: The selection of the secondary crusher in the sand and gravel aggregate crushing production line should also be combined with the scale of the primary crushing equipment, and the front and rear production capacities should be matched.

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