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How to improve the efficiency of Jaw Stone Crusher?

author:dahua time:2021-07-13

In the working process of jaw stone crusher, sometimes there will be stuck material in the crusher, which directly affects the subsequent production. To improve the efficiency of jaw stone crusher, first need to solve the problem of sticking material. So, what are the reasons for jaw crusher sticking material? What's the solution? The following 4 points let you no longer plagued by jaw crusher stuck.

1. High water content or viscosity of the material

In the working process of jaw stone crusher, if the water content of the ore is high, after entering the crushing chamber, the materials will be broken into small pieces, and they will stick together with each other, blocking the two jaw plates in the crushing chamber directly, resulting in material jamming. Or the material is mixed with large viscous dilute soil, so that the material is stuck into a piece and blocked the crushing chamber. If this happens, it not only influences efficiency, but the material on the jaw plate will corrode the jaw plate and accelerate the wear of the jaw plate.

The solution

Before the material enters the jaw stone crusher machine, the material is screened and prepared for dehydration according to the moisture and viscosity of the material. Dehydration can choose natural air drying, or choose to configure drying equipment.

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2. Large feeding amount 

In the production process of the jaw stone crusher, in order to speed up the production progress, some operators increase the feeding amount, out of the normal production capacity of the crusher machine, the material in the crushing chamber cannot be broken in time, resulting in stuck material.

The solution

The training of operators makes them understand and be familiar with the relevant knowledge of jaw stone crusher, so as to achieve continuous and stable feeding and reduce the occurrence of material jam.

3. Improper adjustment of discharge port

The phenomenon of stuck material may also be caused by the small discharge port. The crushed material cannot be discharged in time, a large amount of accumulation in the crushing cavity, resulting in stuck material.

The solution

Adjust the discharge port of jaw crusher properly, increase the size of the discharge port, so that the broken material can be discharged smoothly from the discharge port.

4. Do not understand the parameters of jaw crusher

Before use, the parameters of jaw crusher are not understood. The material does not meet the production requirements of the jaw crusher. After entering the crushing chamber, the crushing effect cannot reach the ideal, which reduces the production efficiency and causes the phenomenon of material jamming.

The solution

Before using the jaw stone crusher for production work, the parameters of the jaw crusher should be clear first, which is the requirement of the material nature. According to the material requirements (such as size, hardness, etc.) of the jaw stone crusher, the appropriate materials are put inside.

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Jamming material is easy to appear in the production process of jaw stone crusher, but as long as the reason is found, it is easy to solve according to the correct method of operation. Luoyang Dahua has more than 30 years experience in manufacturing jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, and mobile crusher, etc. We have served 3000+ customers around more than 30 countries. If you want to know more, please leave message to us: Whatsapp: 0086 13938852499.