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How to process Limestone into Artificial Sand?

author:dahua2 time:2022-10-12

Limestone artificial sand is made of limestone waste, waste slag, and stone powder, etc., which is processed by mechanical crushing, washing and screening. The artificial sand and stone production process mainly includes two categories: two-stage crushing and three-stage crushing. Small artificial sand and stone production lines mostly adopt two-stage crushing and screen process, while some large artificial sand and stone production lines mostly adopt three-stage crushing and screen process due to large material lumpiness.
artificial sand making plant
Generally speaking, the production of limestone artificial sand mostly adopts three stages of crushing, namely coarse crushing, medium and fine crushing, and sand making:
Coarse crushing is generally used jaw crusher;
Medium crushing is generally used impact crusher;
Fine crushing and sand making is used vertical shaft impact crusher or cone crusher.
1. jaw crusher
Jaw crusher has the advantages of simple structure, high reliability of continuous operation, low price, and discharge port can be adjusted. Jaw crusher is not easy to block when crushing wet materials and ores with high clay content. It is more suitable for processing sand and stone aggregate raw materials. Jaw crusher is often used in the coarse crushing stage in sand and stone aggregate projects.
Large jaw crusher
2. Impact crusher
Impact crusher, with the characteristics of large crushing ratio, low energy consumption, is more suitable for dealing with fragile materials. The particle size of the impact crusher is more uniform. The impact crusher is often used in the two-stage crushing stage in the sand and stone aggregate project.
sand impact crusher
3. Vertical shaft impact crusher
Vertical shaft impact crusher has the advantages of small size, simple foundation, high crushing efficiency, large output, and low maintenance. Vertical shaft impact crusher has the function of stone shape and sand making. 
vertical shaft impact crusher
Above are the main crusher machines for limestone artificial sand processing, for the details configuration, please consults the online service at any time. Our professional engineer will offer you the customized solutions.
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