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Maintenance Matters Needing Attention For Jaw Crusher

author:dahua2 time:2022-04-01

Jaw crusher is a relatively popular mine crushing equipment, which has the characteristics of good crushing capacity, uniform production and simple maintenance. In order to ensure the working ability and efficiency of the equipment, the equipment is generally inspected and maintained on a regular basis, so what are the main points of inspection of the jaw crusher?

1. The general inspection work needs to be carried out after the completion of the jaw crusher work, and wait for five hours after the equipment cools down. First, check the flatness of the conical surface of the equipment and whether there is any unevenness. If there is a problem, To promptly notify the technician for replacement. If unqualified parts or deviated parts are found during the inspection, they should be removed and replaced in time.

2. Before starting the equipment, check the installation of each part of the equipment. If there is no problem, start the equipment for idling, and then check whether the equipment has problems such as abnormal noise, jamming, friction and impact. If it occurs, it should be timely shut down for exclusion.

jaw crusher Maintenance

3. When the equipment is in trial operation, it is necessary to check whether the cylinder of the equipment has obvious shaking and noise, and ensure that the shaking of the cylinder does not exceed 0.5 mm. After the noise of the equipment is controlled within 85 decibels, the materials are put into the formal work. , It is also necessary to pay attention to the temperature of the rolling bearing, and the temperature should not be too high.

4. Jaw crusher is a large-scale crushing equipment. It is necessary to arrange professionals to be responsible for the management to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Regular maintenance and maintenance work to ensure that the equipment will not be damaged and affect production. Prepare some worn parts, equipment can be repaired more quickly after damage.

The maintenance work of jaw crusher needs to be carefully carried out during the operation of the equipment and during the shutdown inspection. After the equipment has problems, it should be dealt with in time, so as to ensure the long-term use of the equipment.

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