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Mini Stone Sand Making Machine|Mini Sand Making Machine Price

author:dahua time:2020-09-03

Mini sand making machine is the necessary crusher machine in stone quarry plant. The sand making machine can process all kinds of stones with different shapes into sand with even grain size. The sand has beautiful appearance and good permeability. How to choose a mini sand making machine? How much does a mini sand making machine cost? The following will give you a detailed introduction.

There are many types of mini sand making machine, like PLK sand making machine, PLS vertical shaft sand making machine, and PFL compound sand making machine. It can be selected according to the actual production requirements.

PLK sand making machine: This series sand making machine is upgrade based on the traditional sand making machine. It has large feeding size, high sand rate, and is widely used for the secondary fine crushing and coarse grinding. The production ratio of 0~5mm is higher than 30% ~60%.

PLK sand making machine, sand making and shaping simultaneously

PLS vertical shaft sand making machine: PLS high yield vertical shaft impact sand making machine is a high yield sand making equipment. Compared with similar products, it has higher yield, better granule type and lower use cost. It uses "stone beat stone" and "stone beat iron" two kinds of sand making principles to crush the stone sand.

PLS sand making machine high yield

PFL compound sand making machine: PFL compound sand making machine is made according to the users' demands, combined with excellent process and new production technology. With intelligent, high-yield, energy saving, environmental protection and other multi-functional, PFL sand making machine can be used for sand making operation of a variety of river pebbles, basalt, bluestone and other rocks.

PFL sand making machine, intelligent, high yield, energy saving, environmental protection

How much does a mini sand making machine cost?

There are many types of mini sand making machines. Different materials, different output and different discharge particle size will be configured with different sand making models, so the price will also be different. The specific price depends on the type of sand making machine. The price of sand making machine varies from tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions, the detailed quotation also needs to consult the manufacturer. Please click on the online service or send email to to get the corresponding quotation.