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Reason and Solution of Cone Crusher "Crusher Dead"

author:dahua time:2019-11-21

Cone crusher has strong crushing force, high output, adoption of laminating crushing principle, uniform particle size, and high content of fine materials, which is the core crushing equipment in stone crushing production line. Due to long-term outdoor working, the working environment is bad, there will inevitably be a variety of failures. For the customer, solving the problem in the first time can reduce the downtime and gain more time for production. Cone crusher will have the phenomenon of "Crusher Dead", how to solve it? Today, we will talk about the "Crusher Dead" and its solution.

cone crusher

"Crusher Dead" means the engine of cone crusher suddenly stops. The reasons are as follows:

Discharging opening is blocked

In the production process, too much or uneven feeding will lead to the clogging of the discharge opening, which will lead to the excessive production load of the cone crusher and the fracture of the fuse, resulting in the shutdown.

Belt is too loose

The cone crusher relies on the transmission power of the belt. If the belt drive the groove turns too loose, the belt will slip, unable to provide enough power for the normal operation of the machine, resulting in the sudden stop of the cone crusher.

Eccentric shaft stuck

When the eccentric shaft bushing loosens or falls off, there will be no clearance on both sides of the bearing seat of the rack, and the eccentric shaft will be stuck and unable to rotate normally. In this case, the cone crusher will break and stop suddenly, resulting in "Dead".

Bearing damage

Bearing is a very important part in cone crusher, which is used to reduce the friction coefficient in the working process. If the bearing is damaged, it will not work normally with other broken parts, resulting in the sudden stop of the cone crusher.

The voltage is too low or too high

When the voltage on the construction site is unstable or too low, it is easy to force the cone crusher shutdown as self-protection. Therefore, the operator must check whether the voltage is normal before starting up.

cone crusher eccentric sleeve

How to solve the problem of crusher dead?

1. Before starting up, check whether the discharge opening of cone crusher is blocked with residue. If yes, clean it immediately.

2. Check whether the tightness of the belt is appropriate and adjust it reasonably to prevent over-tightness or over-looseness;

3. Pay attention to the voltage situation to maintain the stability of voltage;

4. Pay attention to daily maintenance, bearing is extremely important, to do a good job of lubrication, reduce wear;

5. Pay attention to the location of eccentric bearing sleeve, prevent stuck machine phenomenon.

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