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Technical Parameters of PFQ1315 Impact Crusher

author:dahua2 time:2022-09-13

The impact crusher is mainly characterized by large crushing ratio and low energy consumption. It is commonly used in the secondary crushing stage.

PFQ1315 impact crusher can process materials with side length below 500mm; impact crusher PFQ1315 specification diameter Φ1300×1500mm, feed particle size: 300-400mm, processing capacity: 200-350t/h, motor power: 250kw. It is the most popular model among many impact crushers, especially suitable for medium-sized production lines, which can crush various medium-hard materials.

PFQ1315 Impact Crusher

The multi-cavity crushing of PFQ1315 impact crusher makes the finished stone products more uniform in size and high throughput, so many customers have more and more demand for impact stone crushers; so how much does an impact stone crusher cost? You can consult the manufacturer for the specific price, and choosing a manufacturer with a good reputation can guarantee its quality and after-sales service effect. Choose a direct-selling manufacturer, and the ex-factory price of the equipment is more favorable!

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