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The Coarse Crushing Equipment in the Artificial Sand Production Line

author:dahua2 time:2021-12-28

Coarse crushing equipment is used in the first stage of sand and gravel crushing production line. It is the main equipment of crushing production line. It can crush the blasted rocks on the mountain into small pieces of rock, preparing for the secondary crushing, which can greatly reduce the pressure of grade crushing and the abrasion of the machine. Therefore, the choice of coarse crushing equipment is very important.

To choose the correct coarse crushing equipment, first determine the purpose of the crusher. Two main factors need to be considered when determining the use of the crusher: the raw material size curve and the type of rock. At the same time, other factors need to be considered: on-site long-term planning, discharge grading, raw material moisture content, target output, etc.

Currently commonly used coarse crushing equipment includes gyratory crusher and jaw crusher. Gyratory crushers are generally used in large-scale projects with an annual output of more than 1 million tons. At the same time, gyratory crusher is also an ideal crushing equipment for high-hardness rocks such as granite.

jaw crusher

Jaw crushers are more commonly used coarse crushers, including fixed jaw crushers and mobile jaw crushers. Compared with the gyratory crusher, the jaw crusher has higher mobility and can be moved to different mining platforms as required. Jaw crushers are often matched with cone crushers, impact crushers, and sand making machines to form a complete gravel crushing production line.

In summary, the choice of coarse crushing equipment in the sand and gravel crushing production line should be determined according to the actual production line situation and investment budget, and choosing the right machine is the key.

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