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The Complete Set of Quartz Sand Production Line Equipment

author:dahua2 time:2021-11-26

The rough quartz stone can be made into quartz sand after crushing, washing and other processes. The processed quartz sand has excellent quality and beautiful grain shape. Quartz sand has a stable structure and can be used as a material for water purification and filtration. The market price of high-quality quartz sand is also more expensive.


The quartz sand production line is mainly composed of crushing equipment, feeding equipment, sand making equipment and cleaning equipment. The crushing equipment generally uses jaw crusher for coarse crushing, cone crusher or impact crusher for secondary crushing. Generally, the feeding equipment is vibrating feeder, and the sand making equipment generally includes silica sand making machine. In order to improve the cleanliness of the finished aggregate, it needs to be equipped with sand washing machine, vibrating screen and other cleaning and grading equipment. In this way, a complete high-quality quartz sand production line is formed. The equipment configuration of the whole quartz sand production line designed by Huazn is reasonable, and the specific quantity and model should be equipped according to the actual production capacity of users.

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