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The Method to improve the Screening Efficiency of Vibrating Screen

author:dahua time:2020-10-29

The vibrating screen is an indispensable screening equipment in the gravel production line. The broken stones can be screened by a vibrating screen to obtain higher gradation of sand stones. Here to share a few methods to improve the efficiency of vibrating screen.

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1. Feed evenly

Continuous and uniform feeding, make the material evenly distributed along the screen surface, in order to ensure higher production capacity and screening efficiency.

2. Feeding amount

Proper and reasonable feeding should be done to avoid too much or too little feeding amount.

3. Improve the opening rate

Improve the opening rate of vibrating screen plate. High opening rate is beneficial to improve the screening effect, usually stainless steel welding screen plate with high opening rate.

4. Adjust the feeding mode

In some cases, the feeding into the vibrating screen is not given along the full screen width, resulting in the screen surface cannot be fully utilized.

5. Reduce the blocking rate

To reduce the rate of hole plugging on the screen surface of vibrating screen, the screen plate with self-cleaning can be considered.

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6. Adjust the tilt Angle

The tilt Angle of the vibrating screen can be adjusted, and the appropriate tilt Angle is helpful to reduce the material thickness.

7. Wet screening

If conditions permit, wet screening can be used to improve the screening effect.

8. Adjust the counterweight

For circular vibrating screen, the method of adjusting counterweight can be considered to improve the screening effect.

9. Control the feeding moisture

For dry screening, strictly control the feed water.

10. Add a fixed screen

If conditions permit, a fixed sieve shall be added to the feeding end of the vibrating screen.

In the use of vibrating screen, according to the actual situation, combined with the characteristics of materials and vibrating screen characteristics to take reasonable measures, under the premise of ensuring the processing capacity to improve its screening treatment effect.

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