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The Raw Materials of Sand Making Machine For Making Artificial Sand

author:dahua2 time:2021-11-15

The sand making machine is suitable for the crushing of various soft or medium hardness materials, and is widely used in various sectors. So what are its crushable raw materials?

Generally divided into the following categories:

First,  hard raw materials such as river pebbles, granite, and mountain stones.

Second, construction aggregates, concrete aggregates, highway pavement materials, etc.

Third, materials such as tailings and slag.

Fourth, limestone, bluestone, weathered rock and so on.


The sand making machine only produces three millimeters of sand from large stones, but it cannot change the medium or the quality of the sand. The general raw material is what it is produced. If the raw material has a higher soil content, the sand produced will also have a higher soil content.

If the raw materials are not good, the quality of the sand is not good, for example, the hardness is not enough and the cohesiveness is also poor, which will cause the quality of the house. At present, various industries will choose to use sand making machines to produce and process sand, but if the quality of the raw materials is poor, the quality of the sand will be more affected.

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