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The crusher manufacturer tells you the reason why the vibrating feeder is blocked and not fed

author:dahua time:2021-01-27

Vibrating feeder is the first working procedure in stone production line, its main function is to transport the raw materials in the silo uniformly and continuously to the crusher. If the vibrating feeder is blocked, sprinkled and not fed, the role of the vibrating feeder in the entire production line will lose its significance, and it will directly affect the production schedule of the entire production line. There are many reasons for the vibrating feeder blocking or not feeding. In the production process, we should master this knowledge, and try our best to standardize the operation process, so as to avoid the vibrating feeder blocking or not feeding.

linear vibrating feeder smooth feeding

1. From the characteristics of the material itself, the main reason for the blockage of the vibrating feeder is the viscosity and moisture. Due to the decrease of material mobility, this will lead to the phenomenon of "hanging wall", "shed material" after it enter into the feeder, especially in the rainy season.

2. In the process of use, we should pay attention to not pressing the load of the bin directly on the chute of the feeder, which will lead to fatigue damage of the spring plate and the connecting fork, and thus leading to fracture.

3. May be too much feed, resulting in the accumulation of materials in the vibrating feeder, the hopper operation is not smooth. In this case should immediately reduce feed and maintain uniform feeding.

4. It may be caused by the incongruity between the various parts of the feeder, which is mainly caused by the loosening of some parts. It is necessary to adjust the tuning of the parts, adjust the pressing degree of the machine spring plate and pressing bolt to the best, so that the chute can reach the amplitude range specified in the production.

zsw vibrating feeder for stone

Here we recommend two types of vibrating feeder

1) DHZ series heavy-duty vibrating feeder: serrated grate cascade arrangement, with self-sweeping function, not easy to block material, and easy to replace and adjust the gap.

2) ZSW series vibrating feeder: modular bar design, convenient bar gap adjustment, large drop of cascade bar, not easy to block material, feeding fast, with good pre-screening effect.

Although the vibrating feeder is only an auxiliary equipment, it plays an important role in connecting the hub in the whole production line. After we understand the reason for the vibration feeder blockage, we should pay attention to the maintenance of the machine when the machine is working normally, so as to make its work more efficient and make the whole production line more unobstructed.