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Types of Coal Crushers

author:dahua2 time:2022-08-31

1. Jaw Coal Crusher

The hard coal sweeping equipment in coal crushing operation has simple structure and low failure rate, which can reduce the risk of explosion and explosion of coal crushing. The jaw coal crusher can crush 1.5m large pieces of coal into less than 400mm, and with the fine jaw crusher, it can directly ensure that the output of the crushed coal is less than 60mm, and the finished product meets the needs of most coals. Feed: 120-1500mm, capacity: 1-1400t/h.

coal jaw crusher

2. Hammer Coal Crusher

Hammer-type coal crusher is the choice of most coal-breaking enterprises. A single machine can crush coal at one time. It integrates coarse crushing and secondary crushing, saving process and investment costs. In terms of structure, the blow hammer is made of wear-resistant material, which is not easy to be damaged. There are various models to choose from, and the discharge is adjustable, which can meet the needs of large, medium and small crushing production. Feed: 1000mm, capacity: 5-3000t/h.

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