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Uncontrollable High speed of Cone crusher

author:dahua time:2019-11-25

"Uncontrollable High speed" is the fault phenomenon of cone crusher, refers to that in the production process, the rotating speed of cone crusher's moving cone suddenly increases, the body suddenly generates violent vibration, the safety spring or the safety cylinder is in abnormal working state, the working current increases instantly, and the oil return temperature rises sharply.

stone cone crusher

The reason of uncontrollable high speed

1. Poor quality of inner wall of cone sleeve

The poor quality of inner wall of cone sleeve leads to the point friction between the sleeve and the spindle, oil film is destroyed, resulting in the spindle spin out of control, resulting in "uncontrollable speed".

2. The gap between the copper sleeve and the main shaft is not suitable

When assembling, the gap between the copper sleeve and the spindle is too large or too small, which will affect the cone crusher. When the clearance is too large, the cone sleeve and the spindle will collide, the moving cone will be violently yaw, resulting in strong vibration of the body. If the gap is too small, the lubricating oil in the place where the copper sleeve contacts the spindle may reduce or run dry, and the lubricating oil film cannot be formed or the thickness of the oil film is not enough, resulting in "uncontrollable speed".

3. Improper scraping and grinding of the ball tile

If the ball tile is not scraped properly during maintenance, it will lead to a decrease in the radius of the contact sphere and increase the speed of the circumferential line. When the speed is too high, centrifugal force will slowly form, leading to the phenomenon of "uncontrollable speed".

4. Excessive load of cone sleeve

When the cone sleeve is running, non-broken material enters the crushing cavity (like iron), resulting in excessive load, which causes the fixed cone sleeve's zinc pouring off, causing the cone sleeve to go up, the clearance between the spindle and the cone sleeve becomes smaller, forming "holding shaft", the spindle will follow the eccentric sleeve to run quickly and form "uncontrollable speed".

5. Poor lubrication

Due to the failure of the dustproof device or the bad sealing, some dust in the crushing cavity enters the lubricating oil circuit, resulting in poor lubrication and friction between various lubrication parts. The oil temperature of the lubrication system keeps rising. When the temperature is close to or higher than 55℃, the viscosity of the oil drops, and the oil film inside the ball cannot be formed effectively, thus causing the phenomenon of "uncontrollable speed".

cone crusher sleeve

How to solve this phenomenon? 

1. Ensure full contact between spindle and cone sleeve

Ensure the assembly clearance between the inner and outer holes of the cone sleeve, and ensure that the spindle and the cone sleeve are in contact with each other along the whole length. The cone sleeve and the axis sleeve must be fixed with melted zinc alloy to ensure that there is no relative movement between them.

2. The assembly clearance of empty eccentric shaft sleeve and nylon vertical sleeve is reasonable

Excessive clearance will cause a large tilt of the empty eccentric shaft and spindle, resulting in moving cone and eccentric sleeve cannot fully contact, will make the bush overheating, swing amplitude increased, vibration intensified; Too small will cause heat inside and outside bushing.

3. Choose lubricants carefully

Select lubricating oil in strict accordance with the requirements of the equipment, ensure that all indicators are in line with standards, especially pay attention to viscosity and liquidity. 

4. Evenly feeding

In the cone crusher working process, the feeding should be even. If the feeding is uneven, the production capacity will be reduced, the product size is too large, the spring action is frequent, the pressure of the bowl bearing is high, and the power consumption will rise. Too much pressure can also lead to "uncontrollable speed" and shaft accidents.

cone crusher working site

Generally speaking, there are many reasons for cone crusher "uncontrollable high speed", we only strictly in accordance with the equipment operation guidelines and maintenance procedures for operation, correct treatment of equipment failure, can ensure the cone crusher efficient, stable operation, so as to ensure higher production efficiency, bring greater economic benefits. 

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