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What Are the Common Capacity of Aggregate Production Lines used in the Market?

author:dahua2 time:2021-11-10

The capacity of the aggregate crushing production line commonly used in the general market is 150t/h, 200t/h, 300t/h, 500t/h, etc. Commonly used crushing equipment generally includes jaw crushing (head crushing) Simmons cone crusher, compound cone crusher, single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher ((for the second or third crushing), circular vibrating screen, belt conveyor machine and other equipment.

If you have an idea for an aggregate production line, you can make a preliminary inspection of the equipment, raw materials, and finished product types and prices in the early stage. Take a150t/h granite crushing plant as an example. If you want a 150 t/h aggregate crushing production line equipment configuration, these four points must be determined, otherwise the technicians will not be able to choose equipment.

Raw materials (hard rock & soft rock)

Input particle size (feeding size)

Output (how many tons per hour)

Finish particle size (several kinds of finished products, size).

After knowing these four points, you can ask the technicians to select the equipment, so that the equipment is reasonable and the finished product can meet your requirements.

aggregate crushing plant

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