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What Equipment is Used to Making 200 Mesh Quartz Sand?

author:dahua2 time:2022-08-18

Considering that quartz sand is a hard and wear-resistant silicate ore, and the fineness of the finished product must reach 200 mesh, it is recommended that you use a ball mill to complete the processing of quartz sand.

quartz sand making plant

The advantages of the ball mill are as follows:

1. The discharge fineness is satisfied

The fineness of the finished product of the ball mill can be adjusted arbitrarily between 18-200 mesh;

2. The output is guaranteed

The output range of the ball mill is between 0.65-615t, which can fully meet the production needs of customers with different levels of output;

3. Wear-resistant and anti-made

The rubber lining plate has a high degree of wear resistance, and has a long service life of 2-3 years for the first stage of grinding and 4-5 years for the second stage of grinding;

4. Zero pollution, low noise

The ball mill runs as a whole, adopts a unique "zero-emission positive pressure operation system", and has good airtightness, which can ensure zero pollution leakage during the production process, and the fan implements sound insulation measures, so that the noise of the ball mill is 70 decibels, and the noise of the equipment is low.

The equipment for processing quartz sand generally needs to use: jaw crusher, cone crusher and ball mill.

The jaw crusher crushes the large pieces of quartz stone to below 20-30 cm, and then uses a cone crusher to finely crush it to below 2.5 cm, and then uses a ball mill to grind the powder. The ball mill is connected to the powder separator. The quartz sand is separated into finished products, and the coarse-grained grade is returned to the ball mill for regrinding to complete the processing of 200-mesh quartz sand.

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