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What Reasons cause the Large Discharging Size of Impact Crusher?

author:dahua time:2020-05-07

Impact crusher is one of the popular crusher machines in mining industry. It has wide application, and is used to break stone through impacting force. Therefore, in the working process, impact crusher will appear series abrasion, and then lead to the large discharging size. What reasons cause the large discharging size of impact crusher?

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1. Hammer head is the main part of impact crusher, which plays an important role in stone crushing process. So the excessive wear of hammer head is the main factors. In the long working process, the hammer head directly contact with stone, and receiving strong impacting force, especially the crushed stone is hard stone, the collision will be bigger, the abrasion of hammer head is greater. If the hammer head is worn seriously, it will cause a mechanical granularity coarsens. We should replace the hammer head immediately and pay more attention to its abrasion.

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2. The stones that were crushed by impact crusher were hard, which not only caused the hammer head to wear badly, but also caused the sieve bar to break. If the sieve bar is broken, it cannot finish screening and grading work. For this reason, when we feed stone, we can adjust the stone weight, check the sieve bar regularly, and replace the broken one immediately.

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