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What are the Vulnerable Parts of Jaw Crusher? How to replace It?

author:dahua2 time:2022-11-04

As a commonly used primary crushing equipment, jaw crusher often breaks large pieces of stone. Many parts are easy to wear out in the working process, so it is necessary to replace them frequently. Then how do we decide whether the vulnerable parts of jaw crusher need to be replaced?
1. What are the vulnerable parts of jaw crusher?
The vulnerable parts of jaw crusher are movable jaw plate, fixed jaw plate, shaft, lining plate, elbow plate and so on.
jaw crusher vulnerable part
2. How to replace these vulnerable parts of jaw crusher?
01 -- Replacement of the jaw plate
The service life of the jaw plate mainly depends on the production time and damage degree. The service life and wear degree of different broken materials are also different. The wear of the jaw plate is mainly manifested in the middle and lower part, especially the 1/3 at lower part.
02 -- Replacement of shaft
If the shaft wear is minimal, just to repair its geometry, the lathe can be turned to achieve the correct geometry of the journal, and then the bearing diameter is reduced accordingly. But after several times of this treatment, if the journal size is reduced by 5% from the original, it is not allowed to turn again, but should be replaced with a new shaft.
jaw plate of jaw crusher
03 -- Replacement of lining plate
The fixed jaw lining plate, moving jaw lining plate and lining plate on both sides of jaw crusher are easy to wear, and the fast wear will affect the finished product specifications. When the lining plate is worn at the beginning, the lining plate can be turned around, or the upper and lower can be exchanged. The wear of the jaw plate is mostly concentrated in the middle and bottom. When the tooth plate is worn away by 3/5, the lining plate needs to be replaced. When the lining plate on both sides is worn away by 2/5, it also needs to be replaced.
04 -- Replacement of elbow plate
When the elbow plate is worn fast or broken, the stone in the crushing chamber must be cleaned first, and take out the worn elbow plate worn fast or the broken part. Check the jaw and the elbow plate on the connecting rod for damage, then set the moving jaw to fixed jaw nearby, change new thrust plate, make it contact with bracket gradually, and tie up tight degree, make the moving jaw thrust powder, tight security, and then adjust the discharging mouth size.
jaw plate
For the vulnerable parts of jaw crusher, regular inspection should be done to observe the degree of wear, and timely replacement should be carried out if necessary, so as to maintain the long-term stable operation of the crusher.
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