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What is the Cost of Mobile Sand Making Machine?

author:dahua2 time:2021-12-08

There are two main types of mobile sand making machines: tire-type mobile sand making machines and crawler-type mobile sand making machines.


Tire-type mobile sand making machine: It is a semi-automatic model, and needs semi-trailer head towing, integrated fuselage, easy to use. The equipment is more suitable for flat terrain work environment, and the starting price is about 50,000 US dollars. If the price is matched with large-scale sand making equipment, it can reach 500,000 U.S. dollars.

Crawler-type mobile sand making machine: Fully automatic style, without external traction, can be moved by remote control; using oil and electricity mixed energy supply mode, there is no need to worry about power failure when working in suburbs and mountain areas, and it has a stronger climbing Slope power can adapt to harsh environments such as mountains and wetlands, so the manufacturing cost is relatively high, and the general starting price is $150,000.

Compared with traditional fixed sand making equipment, mobile sand making machines are more expensive. The biggest advantage of the mobile sand making machine is that it is convenient to transfer and has a high degree of intelligence, which is more suitable for production needs that require frequent transfers.

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