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What is the Discharge Size of Jaw Crusher?

author:dahua2 time:2022-04-13

As a representative of coarse crushing equipment, jaw crusher is basically inseparable from a complete crushing production line. It is generally used at the head of the entire production line. Its main function is to crush large stones. Entering the next stage of work, there are many types of jaw crushers, and their feeding range is relatively large, and the same is true for discharging. At present, Dahua's jaw crusher can handle materials with a size of 2100mm, so what's the discharge size of jaw crusher?

The discharge size of the coarse crusher is related to its discharge adjustment range. Coarse crushers have different series and models, and each has a different adjustment range of discharge size, which is more conducive to users to ensure the particle size quality of sand and gravel aggregates in the entire production line.

The adjustment range of the discharge size of the coarse crusher is related to the series and model. For example, the currently launched JC series jaw crusher has a feeding range of 430-1020mm and a discharge range of 40-300mm. There are a total of 25 models, and the selection range is compared. This is also the reason why jaw crushers are more popular in the mining market.

Discharge Size of Jaw Crusher

How to adjust the size of the output of the primary crusher depends on the entire production line, such as the size of raw materials, the output of the production line, and the type of secondary crushing equipment.

First of all, the size of the raw material should be considered. According to the size of the feed port of the primary crusher, several suitable models can be initially determined; secondly, the output of the entire production line should be considered to determine the type of the primary crusher; The model of the equipment, according to the size of the feeding port of the secondary crushing equipment, then determine the size of the discharge port of the primary crushing machine.

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