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What are the Types of Limestone Sand Making Machines?

author:dahua2 time:2022-04-12

There are various models of limestone sand making machines, and the models of each type of equipment are also different, which can meet the different discharge particle sizes and different output requirements of customers. The following are several commonly used limestone sand making equipment for you. When choosing a limestone sand making machine, you can choose according to your own project needs and choose the equipment that suits you.

1. Estimated output value of PLS ​​vertical sand making machine: 16-550t/h

PLS vertical sand making machine usually allows particle size between 30-60mm, and the expected output value is 16-550 tons per hour. The equipment above 850 of PLS ​​vertical sand making machine adopts dual motors to operate, and the sand making efficiency is high. In addition to the sand making effect, the machine is also very effective in shaping.

pls sand making machine

2. Estimated output value of PFL composite sand making machine: 8-200t/h

PFL composite sand making machine is a kind of equipment independently developed by our company for medium and soft materials. The finished product has good grain shape and less powder. It is an ideal equipment for fine crushing. It has large output and high sand making efficiency. It is expected to reach 200 tons per hour; the sand making effect is good.

PFLsand making machine

3. Estimated output value of PLK vertical shaft sand making machine: 80-500t/h

The PLK vertical shaft sand making machine allows the feeding particle size to be between 80-150mm. There are about 3 optional models, PLK-850, PLK-1000, PLK-1200 users can make a reasonable choice according to their actual needs. It is mainly used for stone crushing in the building materials industry, construction of highways and railways and other industries where stone is applied.

PLK sand making machine

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