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What is the Output Size of Cone Crusher Crushed Ore?

author:dahua2 time:2021-10-12

According to the characteristics of ore materials, there are many kinds of ore raw materials, and the hardness, ore structure, viscosity, humidity, etc. will be different, so that the output size of the cone crusher with the same model will not be the same. Therefore, we need to understand these characteristics of the ore when choosing the ore cone crusher.

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Adjust the discharge opening and control the output size. Different users have different requirements for the processing particle size. Cone crusher is a commonly used medium and fine crushing equipment. Not only has a variety of cavity types, it can be selected according to needs, and the discharge port can be adjusted. It is also more convenient. The adjustment range of the discharge opening is 3-13 mm, which means that the output size can be below 3 mm, so it can also be used for making sand to a certain extent.

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The crushing method adopted by the cone crusher is laminated crushing, the design of the horizontal cavity, and the shape of the finished-product is mostly cubic, the appearance is good, the gradation is high, and the effect is good in practical applications, so it is more popular in the market. Cone crusher has strong compressive capacity and can handle more than 200 materials.

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