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What's the Price of Complete Sand Washing Plant Equipment?

author:dahua2 time:2022-02-11

How much does it cost to configure a sand washing plant? The price generally ranges from about 40,000 to 150,000 US dollars, which is mainly related to the configuration scheme and the selection of equipment models, and there are many manufacturers of sand washing machine equipment in the market, with different scales, material use, production methods and the quality of the equipment provided. So there will be some difference in price.

The main factors of the price of sand washing plant are as follows:

sand washing plant price

1. Equipment model configuration

When selecting sand washing plant equipment configuration, due to different users for different sand grain shape of the finished product requirements, selection of sand washing plant equipment configuration will be different, even the same configuration, crushing, sand making equipment such as type specification there may be differences, therefore, the price of sand washing plant is a great difference.

2. The location of the manufacturer

There are great differences in prices and consumption levels in different regions. Therefore, the price of sand washing plant produced by manufacturers in different regions is also different. Generally speaking, the price of goods in economically developed areas is relatively high, and the price of machinery and equipment such as sand washing production lines will also be relatively high; on the contrary, industrial cities with average economic development levels have relatively advantages in pricing.

3. Manufacturer's sales model

There are many types of sand washing plant equipment manufacturers in the current market. In addition to direct sales manufacturers, there are also a large number of consignment manufacturers and distribution manufacturers. When choosing to buy a sand washing production line, try to choose direct selling manufacturers to cooperate. In addition to eliminating the need for layers of middlemen to earn the price difference, the factory price can be given to users, and once the production line has problems during use, direct selling manufacturers can also provide more perfect and professional service.

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