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What's the Price of Construction Waste Mobile Crushing Plant?

author:dahua2 time:2021-10-19

The mobile crushing plant  is an integrated crushing production line that integrates crushing, screening and transmission. The entire production line can be realized by one machine. Therefore, when we use the mobile crusher to produce, it will be more flexible and more labor-saving. The mobile crusher can directly remove iron and multi-stage crushing of large pieces of construction waste, and screen them according to the required discharge specifications to produce finished sand and gravel products with different particle size requirements.

 construction waste mobile crushing plant

According to the driving device, the mobile crusher is divided into a tire mobile crusher and a crawler mobile crusher. The tire type is a semi-mobile type and needs to be driven by a semi-trailer. The crawler type is fully automatic and can be traveled by remote control. The production capacity of the tire type is slightly higher than that of the crawler type. The tire type can produce up to 650 tons per hour, and the crawler type is about 600 tons.

The construction waste can be crushed by a mobile crusher to produce coarse, medium and fine aggregates. Fine aggregate can be used as mortar and can replace natural sand. Middle aggregate can be used as raw materials such as recycled bricks and permeable bricks. Coarse aggregate can be used as road base material.

The price of construction waste mobile crushing plant from $30,000 to $200,000. Mobile crushers with different prices differ greatly in performance, production capacity, quality of finished products and long-term benefits.

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