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What's the price of river pebble sand making machine?

author:dahua2 time:2022-04-18

The river pebble sand making machine is one of the indispensable equipment for investing in sand making plant, and the machine plays an important role in the entire river pebble production line. As a device with targeted sand making effect, it has low operating cost, environmental protection and energy saving, large processing capacity, easy operation, excellent quality of finished sand and reasonable gradation. So what's the price of river pebble sand making machine?

There are many types of river pebble sand making machines with different output, and their price ranges are also wide, generally between 15,000 and 400,000 US dollars. We can analyze it from the aspects of manufacturer, performance, model and so on.

1. Manufacturer selection: You cannot choose a small manufacturer without independent research and development and production capacity, relying on purchasing equipment in batches and selling to customers after earning the price difference, the price will be high. It is necessary to choose direct manufacturers, large-scale and powerful enterprises. Large direct-selling manufacturers not only have excellent quality, high-quality service, but also economical prices. Luoyang Dahua Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a direct-selling crusher manufacturer.

2. Equipment performance: The quality of equipment performance is directly related to its price. The better the performance, the higher the beneficial value created in its use. At the same time, the cost of materials, technology, etc. during manufacturing increases, and the price will be slightly higher. ; Sand making machines with poor performance are cheap, but there is not much profit in use.

3. Equipment model: The price of river pebble sand making equipment ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, and the overall difference is large. Different types and models of equipment have different prices.

sand making machine

PLS series vertical impact crusher (sand making machine) price: starting from 15,000 US dollars.PLS sand making machine, output 16-550t/h

Features: The equipment adopts the design of deep cavity impeller, which has high wear resistance and can increase the throughput of stone by 30%; the two crushing modes of "stone-on-stone and stone-on-iron" have stronger adaptability, and at the same time, the discharge is uniform, good quality, beautiful grain shape, The grading is more reasonable.

What's the price of river pebble sand making machine?? We will provide you with a detailed quotation according to the specific use requirements. If you want to know the detailed sand making machine investment information, you can click on the online consultation, and the engineer will analyze your situation in detail and choose the model for you!

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