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Limestone Medium and Fine Crushing Equipment

author:dahua2 time:2022-04-17

Limestone can be directly processed into stone and fired into quicklime. Limestone is an important raw material for many industries, and one of its important uses is the production of sand and gravel materials for construction or construction. Through the configuration of crushing equipment and sand making equipment, limestone can be broken into sand and gravel materials ranging from 2mm to 50mm, which are used for construction and various industries.

limestone impact crusher

Generally speaking, impact crusher and cone crusher can be used for medium and fine crushing of limestone. However, due to the low hardness of limestone and easy crushing, it is not recommended to use a high-strength cone crusher. It does not mean that a cone crusher cannot be used. Although the cost of cone crusher is high and the finished product is not particularly good, its output is high, about twice that of the impact crusher, so for those users who have a large demand for output, cone crusher is still a good crushing machine. Different from  cone crusher, the impact crusher also has the ability to shape, so it is often used to shape the coarsely crushed limestone materials.

Limestone impact crusher is a very stable crushing equipment. It uses impact force for crushing, convenient discharge and large processing capacity. It is often used as secondary crushing equipment for limestone crushing production. The crushed limestone has better particle shape. There are few failures in operation.

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