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When does Machine-made Sand Necessarily Need to be Washed?

author:dahua2 time:2022-08-23

Machine-made sand is sand processed through a series of processes such as crushing, sand making, and screening. During its processing, some impurities such as stone powder will inevitably be produced, which will affect the quality of concrete. Therefore, many customers will ask, does the machine-made sand after crushing need to be washed? Under what circumstances must washing be performed?

sand washing plant

Machine-made sand does not necessarily have to be washed with water. It depends on the raw materials of the user's processing of machine-made sand and the way of use. If the standard of machine-made sand is high, it needs to be cleaned, because the machine-made sand processed by the equipment contains a lot of impurities, the purity is not high, and it does not meet the requirements of the machine-made sand. The standard of construction sand, so this part of the sand and gravel with higher requirements needs to be cleaned, such as concrete, houses and other buildings. Of course, if you don't want to clean it, you can also use the dry sand making building to achieve ideal results.

In actual production, the choice of wet sand making or dry sand making depends on the region and water resources, the cleanliness of raw materials, and the specific requirements for aggregate, artificial sand powder content, fineness modulus, etc. You should choose according to your own production situation.

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