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Which Crusher is Better for Basalt Crushing?

author:dahua2 time:2022-05-18

Basalt is a kind of basic volcanic rock. It is hard and tough, with high silicon content. It is difficult to be crushed in actual crushing operations, and the crushing cost is high. Can impact crusher be used for crushing basalt? Which crusher is better for crushing basalt?

Impact crusher can be used to crush basalt, but the cost is high. Basalt is a material with relatively high hardness, which will cause great damage to equipment! The impact crusher uses the impact principle for crushing operation. Although the finished product has a good grain shape, the plate hammer loss is high, the plate hammer life is short, and the replacement cost is high in the later period. Therefore, it is not recommended for basalt rock. Such a high hardness stone.

It is recommended that you use a cone crusher that is also a secondary crushing equipment. Cone crusher has the following advantages:

 Basalt Crusher

1. Laminate crushing, strong crushing ability

Cone crusher adopts the principle of lamination crushing for operation and processing. The special crushing cavity and the matching rotation speed realize the selective crushing of materials. The crushing capacity is strong, the crushing cavity is deep, the material is fully crushed, and the finished product effect is not inferior to Impact Crusher;

2. Large capacity, many choices

The single cone crusher output can be as high as 1100t/h, and it has a combination of various cavity types, adapting to a variety of particle size requirements, and can meet the diversified production needs of customers;

3. High wear resistance parts, long service life

The processing of different parts is made of high manganese steel, alloy steel, and high chromium cast iron wear-resistant materials, which are made by heating, smelting, running-in and other processes, which have better wear resistance and reduce equipment replacement costs.

4. PLC+touch screen control, safe and reliable

Cone crusher adopts a fully automatic PLC+touch screen control system, which can remotely and automatically control the oil temperature, pressure and current of the whole machine to ensure production safety.

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